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Please check out HELP’s new Videos section, which contains the first wave of free, online YouTube video lessons covering various aspects of the medical information currently available in the PDF text versions on our web-site. Maximize to full-screen for best viewing and please subscribe to HELP’s YouTube Channel.
Latest Videos
Khan Academy’s Ritual Of The Bedside Exam [New]
The Video Journal Of Orthopaedics’ Leg Surgery: Titanium Elastic Nails For Treating Pediatric Femoral Fractures [New]
Philip Wrotslavsky, MDs Fibular Hemimelia Podiatry [New]
Paul Caldwell, MD’s Tibial Eminence Fracture [New]
Chappie Conrad, MD’s Benign Bone Tumors (The Importance & Challenges Of Diagnosis) [New]

Latest Publications
Full individual listings for the Flip-Charts are coming soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to visit the Flip-Chart index to download any of the free PDFs. Also, thanks to Claudine Amiel-Tison and Julie Gosselin for a brand new French translation of Charlene Butler‘s “Effective Mobility For Children With Motor Disabilities“.

What Does HELP Do?

Global HELP Organization, known as HELP (Health Education using Low-cost Publication), provides 100% free medical information for use worldwide. HELP is a humanitarian organization that is non-political, valuing racial, cultural and religious diversity. Click here for the full story, testimonials, and more.

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    • cover_helpdvdlibrary

      Global HELP DVD Library

      Each DVD Contains Over 100 Publications. Some Titles In Multiple Languages, DVD-Rom, 2 GB, Windows / Mac / Linux, 2013.
      Available exclusively in DVD-Rom format.
      ISBN-13 #978-1-60189-138-9

    • Bo's Straight & Strong Feet

      Bo’s Straight & Strong Feet

      Kim DeLeon
      Illustrated by Katy Anderson.
      32 pages, 9.5″ x 7″, Full-Color, English, 2012.
      Available in PDF and Printed formats.
      ISBN-13 #978-1-60189-131-0

    • cover_remodellingfractures

      Remodelacion De Fracturas En Niños

      Lynn Staheli
      Spanish translation by Julio Nuñez Tapia.
      Poster, 18″ x 24″, English, 2004.
      Available exclusively in PDF format.
      ISBN-13 #978-1-60189-020-7

    • cover_whatparentsflatfeet

      Lo Que Los Padres Deben Saber Acerca De Los Pies Planos, Piernas Arqueadas, Y Zapatos Para Ninos

      Lynn Staheli & Vincent S. Mosca
      Edited by Lana Staheli. Cover by Pam Little. Arabic translation by Firas Suleiman. Greek translation by Anastasios Kanellopoulos, Milly Konstantinidou, & Christina Nila. Hebrew translation by Udi Lebel. Russian translation by Vladimir Kenis. Spanish translation by Aurelio G. Martinez-Lozano. Thai translation by Panya Surijamorn.
      8 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, Four-Color, English, 2004.
      Available in PDF, Printed, and Poster formats.
      ISBN-13 #978-1-60189-024-5

    • cover_steenbeekbrace

      Steenbeek Brace For Clubfoot [Type II Brace Patterns]

      Michiel Steenbeek & Okello Charles David
      40 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, Four-Color, English, French, & Spanish 2009.
      Available exclusively in PDF format.
      ISBN-13 #978-1-60189-066-5

    • Clubfoot: Ponseti Management

      Der Klumpfuß Die Ponseti Methode

      Lynn Staheli, Ignacio Ponseti, & Others
      Complete list of translators.
      32 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, Four-Color, English, 2009.
      Available in PDF and Printed formats.
      ISBN-13 #978-1-60189-002-3