Disclaimer: Global HELP’s publications are for informational purposes only and are not appropriate or complete replacements for professional medical diagnosis. Global HELP and the original publishers assume no liability for actions performed as a result of these titles.

How did Global HELP develop?

In 2002, we developed our basic philosophy and mission. Our infrastructure — including our legal entity status, trademark, boards and business plan — was built in 2003 and we established as a non-profit in the state of Washington, where the founders, Drs. Lynn and Lana Staheli, lived.

During this time, the Global HELP Founding Board was created. The members of the Board volunteered their service and provided the funds that covered Global HELP’s operating expenses. This meant that all contributions from non-Board members were used to create and distribute publications, a model that remained for almost 2 decades. The Founding Board included Lynn & Lana Staheli, Susan Elliott, Lars Jonsson and Paul Merriman. After Dr. Lynn Staheli’s passing in 2021, Dr. Lana Staheli worked with Dr. Coleen Sabatini at UCSF to move Global HELP to UCSF, which is what Lynn wanted – to ensure that Global HELP lived on as a free, accessible resource to all who need it. The 501c3 was dissolved in Washington and Global HELP moved under UCSF in 2023.

How is Global HELP funded?

Donations received from non-Board members were used entirely for developing publications and for free distribution of this material from the website. Global HELP makes no profit from these materials and our work continues only with philanthropic support from donors that want to support the ongoing content creation and educational outreach needed to provide up-to-date pediatric musculoskeletal information to those that need it.

Are Global HELP publications free?

Access and use of all PDF material on the website is free and open access. A donation to Global HELP is certainly welcomed to help continue providing content and resources free to all who wish to access Global HELP.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

All donations are tax-deductible and can be made via the following link: makeagift.ucsf.edu/globalhelp.  Contributions to the UCSF Foundation and the Global Help Fund are tax-deductible as provided by law. The UCSF Foundation tax ID number is 94-2829914. To be eligible for a charitable deduction in the current tax year, please make your gift before December 31.

May Global HELP material be copied?

Yes. Unless otherwise stated, our objective is the widespread distribution of healthcare material. Copying the material is authorized for non-profit purposes only. Any “for profit” purpose is strictly forbidden and considered illegal.