Michiel Steenbeek

Michiel Steenbeek was born in The Netherlands and qualified as both a Physiotherapist in 1984 and as a Manual Therapist in 1987. After working in Holland for 3 years, Michiel moved to Africa in 1988 and worked with in Kenya, and later in Malawi in children’s rehabilitation programs.
Since 1996, Michiel has lived in Uganda and worked for the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM), which is an international organization working world-wide for the prevention of disability and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
Most of his work involves hands-on children’s physiotherapy, orthopaedic workshop activities, training of national and international staff in rehabilitation skills, and program development predominately focused on the orthopaedic field.
Apart from physiotherapy, Michiel has also become very interested in the technical aspects of mobility appliances. He was involved in the improvement and development of several low-cost orthotic appliances, tricycles, and foot abduction braces for children with clubfoot deformity.
Michiel is married and has two sons, and currently lives in Uganda.