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Aditya Somayaji
Percutaneous Tenotomy Ponseti Technique
Advanced Foot & Ankle Center Of San Diego
Fibular Hemimelia Podiatry
Anataomy & Osteology Of The Navicular
Ameera Jwad
Developmental Hip Dysplasia In Older Children
Amr Abdelgawad
Pediatric Fractures: General [New]
Pediatric Fractures: Upper Extremity [New]
Pediatric Fractures: Lower Extremity [New]
Hip Pain In Children [New]
Intoeing [New]
Developmental Dysplasia Of The Hip (DDH) [New]
Flat Foot (Pes Planus) In Children [New]
Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy (OBPP) [New]
Clubfoot / Talipes Equinovarus (TEV) [New]
Bone Infection (Osteomyelitis) In Children [New]
Barlow’s Test [New]
Achondroplasia [New]
Ortolani’s Test [New]
Pedal (Plantar) Puncture Wounds In Children [New]
Idiopathic Toe Walking [New]
Pediatric Orthopedic Lectures [New]
Genu Varum (Bow Leg) [New]
Fracture Base Of The Distal Phalanx In Children (Seymour Fracture) [New]
Limb Length Discrepancy (Limb Length Inequality) [New]
Nerve Injuries Around The Elbow [New]
How To Measure The Scoliosis (Cobb) Angle [New]
Musculoskeletal Manifestation Of Child Abuse (Non-Accidental Trauma) [New]
Back Pain In Children: Part 01 [New]
Back Pain In Children: Part 02 [New]
Monteggia Fracture Dislocation [New]
Osgood Schlatter Disease [New]
Physical Findings In ACL Injury In Adolescents [New]
Curly Toes [New]
Sever’s Disease (Apophysitis) [New]
Kohler’s Disease [New]
Osteochondroma [New]
Fractures Of The Base Of The 5th Metatarsal [New]
Wrist Fractures In Children: Different Types [New]
Osteoid Osteoma [New]
Brachymetatarsia [New]
Toddler Fracture (Spiral Fracture Of The Tibia In Toddlers) [New]
Freiberg Infraction [New]
Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia
Pediatric Orthopaedic Exams: Foot & Ankle
Pediatric Orthopaedic Exams: The Knee
Pediatric Orthopaedic Exams: Hand & Wrist
Pediatric Orthopaedic Exams: The Hip
Pediatric Orthopaedic Exams: The Back
Pediatric Orthopaedic Exams: Upper Extremities
Ponte Procedure For Scoliosis
Triple Innominate Osteotomy For DDH
Pinning Of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)
Deb Robins
Duchenne Timeline
How A Child Is Fitted With A Hip Spica Cast
PT Thigh Foot Angle
Kevin Windisch
Infant Hip Exam For Professionals
Khan Academy
Ritual Of The Bedside Exam
Larry Mellick
Nursemaid’s Elbow Reduction
Little Levi
Meet Little Levi (Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia, Jansen Type)

Nabil Ebraheim
Supracondylar Fractures Of The Humerus In Children
Fractures & Bone Remodeling In Children (Everything You Need To Know)
Tibial Spine Fracture In Children (Everything You Need To Know)
Tibial Bowing (Everything You Need To Know)
Gowers’ Sign (Everything You Need To Know)
Growth Plates Physis Epiphysis & Apophysis (Everything You Need To Know)
Kohler’s Disease (Everything You Need To Know)
Child Abuse (Everything You Need To Know)
Volkmann’s Ischemic Contracture Early Childhood (Everything You Need To Know)
Congenital Muscular Torticollis (Everything You Need To Know)
Moro Reflex (Everything You Need To Know)
Sever’s Disease (Everything You Need To Know)
Tarsal Coalition (Everything You Need To Know)
Triplane Fracture Of The Distal Tibia (Everything You Need To Know)
Ankle Fracture In Children Tillaux Fracture (Everything You Need To Know)
Pulled Elbow In Children, Nursemaid’s Elbow (Everything You Need To Know)
Bipartite Patella (Everything You Need To Know)
Bow Legs In Children (Everything You Need To Know)
Bone Growth In Children (Everything You Need To Know)
Pediatric Cervical Spine Ossification Centers (Everything You Need To Know)
Toddler Fracture, Tibial Fracture In A Child (Everything You Need To Know)
Barlow & Ortolani Test, Congenital Hip Dislocation (Everything You Need To Know)
Salter Harris Fracture Classification (Everything You Need To Know)
Pediatric Cervical Spine Injuries (Everything You Need To Know)
Clavicle Fractures In Children (Everything You Need To Know)
Growth Plate Injuries (Everything You Need To Know)
Trendelenburg Gait (Everything You Need To Know)
Compartment Syndrome In Children (Everything You Need To Know)
Nitin Jain
Postero Medical Release For Resistant CTEV
Tibial Eminence Fracture
PASSIO Education
Double Fascicular Nerve Transfer (Standard Version)
Pradeep Kini
Gowers’ Sign
Radiology Channel
Supracondylar Fracture (Radiology Video X-Ray Tutorial)
Hip Special Test (Craig’s Test)
Viktor Derevyanenko
11 декабря 2015года на базе ФГБУ «НИДОИ им.Г.И. Турнера» Минздрава России состоялся семинар “Нормальное развитие и функциональные нарушения нижних конечностей у детей”. Приглашенный лектор: Доктор Линн Стейли (Lynn Staheli) , основатель и исполнительный директор организации Global HELP, почетный профессор Вашингтонского Университета. Lynn Staheli, MD – один из наиболее выдающихся детских ортопедов современности, автор всемирно известных учебников по детской ортопедии и большого количества публикаций.
Часть 1. Начало семинара
Часть 2: Продолжение семинара
Часть 3: Продолжение семинара
Часть 4. Окончание конференции
Leg Surgery: Titanium Elastic Nails For Treating Pediatric Femoral Fractures
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