TIPS: Spica & Spina Casting With Inexpensive Metal Bar

Richard M. Schwend. 2011. 2 pp.


Practical, inexpensive pediatric orthoapedic treatment techniques for use in the developing world.

How To Contribute?
We ask that interested PONSA members and other health-care workers in the international community (i.e. orthopaedic surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, orthotists, prosthetists, therapist, anesthesiologists, orthopaedic technicians) participate. Contributors will receive acknowledgment of their work. Contributions must be submitted on a Word document to with a maximum of two pages of text (1,000 words), including:

• Title.
• Name, institution, and contact information.
• Brief introduction stating the problem.
• Discuss solution to the problem: give specifics about resources, materials, how to find materials, costs, alternatives, benefits, and risks.
• Key lesson learned.
• Include up to three key references.
• Include several key images with captions.

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