McCraw & Arnold’s Atlas Of Muscle & Musculocutaneous Flaps

McCraw & Arnold's Atlas Of Muscle & Musculocutaneous Flaps

John B. McCraw & Phillip G. Arnold
757 pages, 8.5" x 11", Four-Color, English, 2007.
Originally published by Hampton Press Publishing, 1986.

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Originally published by Hampton Press Publishing Company in 1986, "McCraw & Arnold's Atlas Of Muscle And Musculocutaneous Flaps" is a full-color volume showing the reconstructive options for specific anatomical areas. Each flap is demonstrated in cadaver dissection and clinical case photographs, and the text is in an easy-to-read outline format to serve as a ready reference for the anatomical basis and clinical application of each flap. Highlights are the full-color photographs and the extensive bibliographies.

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Foreword, Preface, & Table-Of-Contents (PDF) [English]
Basic Principles (PDF) [English]
Temporalis (PDF) [English]
Sternocleidomastoid (PDF) [English]
Platysma (PDF) [English]
Trapezius (PDF) [English]
Pectoralis Muscle (PDF) [English]
Pectoralis Myocutaneous Flap (PDF) [English]
Latissimus (PDF) [English]
Serratus (PDF) [English]
Intrathoracic (PDF) [English]
Vertical Rectus (PDF) [English]
Horizontal Rectus (PDF) [English]
External Oblique (PDF) [English]
Gluteus Maximus (PDF) [English]
Biceps Femoris (PDF) [English]
Gracilis (PDF) [English]
Tensor Fascia Lata (PDF) [English]
Rectus Femoris (PDF) [English]
Vastus Lateralis (PDF) [English]
Vastus Medialis (PDF) [English]
Gastrocnemius (PDF) [English]
Soleus (PDF) [English]
Extensor Digitorum Communis (PDF) [English]
Foot Flaps (PDF) [English]
Complications (PDF) [English]
Index & Acknowledgments (PDF) [English]


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